Hours of Training

25-Hour Aerial Hammock Teacher Training


Embark on an enchanting journey into Aerial Hammock with our specialized Teacher Training program. Unlike Aerial Yoga, which employs a double-point hammock, Aerial Hammock utilizes a single-point hammock, enabling mesmerizing spins. Ideal for practitioners seeking to expand beyond traditional aerial yoga practice.

Discover the artistry of Aerial Dance and fluid sequences, enhanced by breathtaking spinning techniques. Our comprehensive course transcends boundaries, offering aspiring instructors profound knowledge and practical tools to craft dynamic and captivating Aerial Hammock classes. Whether you’re new to the discipline or a seasoned practitioner, this training equips you with the skills to share the magic of Aerial Hammock while prioritizing the safety and enjoyment of your participants. Elevate your Aerial Fitness journey with our specialized Aerial Hammock instructor course.


Preferably with regular practice of Aerial Yoga or other Aerial Fitness. However, if you are new to this but eager to try, we can assist in assessing your readiness.

Dates & Fees


Kuala Lumpur:

  • April 26-28 2024 (Fri-Sun) | 3 days
  • Dec 13-15 2024 (Fri-Sun) | 3 days

Georgetown Penang:

  • June 28-30 2024 (Fri-Sun) | 3 days
  • October 25-27 2024 (Fri-Sun) | 3 days


RM5,499 (Early bird – Full payment by 1 month before 1st day of training of respective intake) 

RM5,899 (Normal rate)


0% interest credit card instalment up to 12 months

What you get

International Certification

Receive an internationally recognized certificate from OM Factory New York upon meeting all graduation requirements.

FREE Refresher Course & Lifetime Coaching 

Enjoy a complimentary refresher session for the same course in any future intake. If you encounter challenges along your instructional journey, feel free to return for assistance anytime!

Graduate Career Development Support

Facing job search challenges post-graduation? Benefit from our graduate job referral program, extending opportunities not just within OM Factory but also in other studios!
Explore global opportunities! Whether you aspire to work with OM Factory or at any of our branches worldwide, we’ve got you covered.

Teaching Material

Access a comprehensive manual featuring sample sequences and inspirations, continually developed and refined by the OM family worldwide!



We got you cover by free 20 hours apprenticeship coaching!


What you need to do?

  • Complete 10h of observation& assisting and 10h teaching of OM Factory classes
  • Submit review report and receive feedback from mentors

What you get?

  • Get real-life teaching experience
  • Refine your skill and work your way towards a professional instructor 
  • Additional certificate of apprenticeship completion authorized by OM Factory US

Additional Info:

  • Classes conducted are unpaid for the duration of the apprenticeship
  • Participation in apprenticeship does not guarantee employment at OM Factory



Full payment or a RM1000 deposit is due upon registration.

The remaining balance must be settled one month before the first day of training for the respective course. Take advantage of the best rate by making the payment by the end of the early bird entitlement date.

Payment to
Iyoga Studio 8009244758

(International transfer bank swift code : CIBBMYKLXXX)

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