Rates & Packages


Contact us for any questions regarding our policies.


Due to the new normal SOP of Covid-19:

  1. Put your mask on before and after class (whenever you are not in the class) when you in the premise.
  2. Keep at last 1m social distance and avoid touching others.
  3. We provide yoga mat while best bring your own to extra hygiene.
  4. Sterilize yourself before enter the premise ; sterilize your apparatus before and after using.   
  5. Bring your sweat towel and water bottle.
  6. Shower room is temporary unavailable.
  7. Use deodorant to eliminate inevitable body odor if necessary.
  8. We care about your safety, remove all jewelry or accessories during class to prevent any damage to the equipment which may lead to unwanted accident.


  1. Compulsory to wear socks for every class.
  2. Fitted, not baggy clothing is recommended.
  3. Stretchy pants or leggings that cover the backs of knees.
  4. Wear shorts for Aerial Pole class.


  1. Booking available earliest from 30 days in advance and latest by 1-hour before class.
  2. OM Factory has a 3-hours cancellation policy. Your pass will be fully refunded as long as you cancel your booking via booking system latest by 3 hours before class.
  3. Pass will be forfeited for any NO SHOW booking.
  4. Any class that less than 4 participants may be cancel based on the studio’s discretion.
  5. OM Factory reserved the right to cancel or reschedule any session without prior notice due to unavoidable circumstances.


  1. All payment to OM Factory Malaysia including regular class, workshop, teacher training course, purchase of merchandises and any other payment are strictly NON REFUNDABLE. OM Factory Malaysia will not responsible to any issue due to personal negligence.
  2. Walk in Admission Processing Fees : OM Factory Malaysia applied a Pre-book AND Pre-paid system. An additional RM20 will be charged as processing fees for any Walk-In admission.



1. Monthly Pass and booking account is non shareable.

2. Monthly Pass is strictly
✪  No carry forward
✪  Not refundable
✪  Not transferable
✪  Not exchangeable

2. Monthly Pass expired by the last day of the month.