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Hours of Apprenticeship Training
Tuition Fees (Early Bird)
20h coursework + 20h apprenticeship

40-Hour Bungee Fly Teacher Training


Program Overview

OM Factory’s 40-Hour Bungee Fly Teacher Training (BUNGEE TT) is intended to provide the necessary tools to lead safe, fun and dynamic Bungee Fly classes. Bungee Fly well-known with effective yet fun cardio and core workout. OM Factory Bungee Teacher Training incorporated martial arts, aerobics, music, dance, theatre performances elements into the course content to make the class more versatile and interesting.

Graduation requirements include present attendance at all in-class hours of training and satisfactory completion of a practical teaching exam and a written test.


  1. Rigging and Safety
  2. Single Anchor Point System
  3. Double Anchor Point System
  4. Suspension Trauma
  5. Anatomy
  6. Choreography
  7. Class Structure

BUNGEE-TT Benefits


  • OM Factory Bungee Fly Teacher Training manual.  


  • Certificate of Completion of 20h Bungee Fly Teacher Training authorized by OM Factory New York upon fulfilling on all graduation requirements.  
  • Certificate of Completion of 20h Bungee Fly Apprenticeship authorized by OM Factory New York upon fulfilling on all apprenticeship requirements.

Apprenticeship Program

Upon satisfying of graduation requirements, trainees will start to work on their 20h Apprenticeship Training.

This program builds a bridge from training, towards actualizing skills and get real-world teaching experience. Apprenticeship provide a framework for teachers to refine their teaching skills.

Program Requirement:

  • Complete 20 hours of observation, assisting and teaching of OM Factory Bungee Fly classes
  • Submit review report corresponding to each session and receive feedback from mentor.

Additional Info:

  • Classes conducted are unpaid for the duration of the apprenticeship program.
  • Participation in Om Factory Teacher Training or apprenticeship programs does not guarantee employment at OM Factory.
  • Trainee will get a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship upon fulfillment of all apprenticeship requirements.

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Training Dates: 
3rd-5th Apr 2020 (Fri-Sun) 11am-5pm daily

• Early Bird 2019 : RM5,119 (Full payment by 31st Mar 2020)

• Normal Rate : RM5,499

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Enjoy RM1000 off with sign up any 2 of OM Teacher Training


Training Dates:
Can’t fit into the group intake schedule? Contact us to arrange for private session.

• Early Bird : RM5,119 (Full payment within 3 days from confirmation)

• Normal Rate : RM5,499


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