Basic Aerial Yoga

* Beginner to Intermediate level class

This class teach students to master the building blocks of Aerial Yoga practice. Students will learn how to balance using the fabric as support, also helps students gain body awareness and comfort in supported inversions.


Aerial Yoga Flow

* Intermediate to Advanced level class

So, you’ve mastered the basics, conquered your fear of inverting in the hammock, and no longer freeze when told to hook your knees through the fabric?

Awesome! You are probably ready to move forward. This class suitable for experienced student to explore advanced sequence. This class will challenge you to develop increased strength and flexibility, while you learn to flow through multiple poses with ease on a double points hammock.

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Online Aerial Yoga

* Open level class

Move your practice to home if you have a hammock setup at home! 2-Way LIVE video platform which instructor able to see and hear you clearly, provide necessary coaching and support! It works just like the Face-to-Face class! All you need is a Phone & a Hammock to fly together!

Suitable for
Student with hammock setup at home and student have problem travel to studio.

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