Aerial Yoga 1 classes are designed to familiarize students with the building blocks of an Aerial Yoga practice. Students will learn how to balance using the fabric as support, position the hammock in the right spot, explore different wraps and grips. This class also helps students gain body awareness and comfort in supported inversions.

Suitable for:

-Good startup class for Aerial Yoga beginner

-Wish to build basic strength & flexibility during a slow-moving, alignment-oriented flow

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So, you’ve mastered the basics, conquered your fear of inverting in the hammock, and no longer freeze when told to hook your knees through the fabric?

Awesome! You are probably ready for an Open Level class. Students will learn how to use the hammock for acrobatic-style balancing while integrating more flips & cirque into their Aerial Yoga practice. This class will challenge you to develop increased strength and flexibility, while you learn to flow through multiple poses with ease.

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