Bungee Fly

* Open Level Class

Bungee Fly is a stunning aerial art form that will give you the opportunity to both defy gravity and experience weightlessness. Students will manipulate the tension provided by the bungee cords against the floor to create beautiful, floating, and flowing movements in the air. Each participant will be suited up in their own bungee harness at the start of class and alternate in and out of their bungee point. Bungee lends itself to beautiful sequencing and dance-like movement, but don’t let its beauty fool you — classes can also provide a unique and intense cardio workout!


None! Bungee classes are open to ALL levels of movers, dancers, or aerialists. Exploring movement for the first time? Come give Bungee a shot!

Additional Info:

We highly recommend wearing bike shorts under (or over) a second layer of shorts or pants. The more layers, the better!

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