Hours of In Class Training
Hours of Apprenticeship Training
Tuition Fees (Early Bird)
16h coursework + 16h apprenticeship

32-Hour Aerial Mellow Flow Teacher Training


This course is focus on Restorative Aerial Yoga practice which uses hammock as a tool to create sacred space in the body, mind and spirit. A slow-moving Aerial Yoga flow gently warms the body in preparation for a series of long holds in poses inspired by Yin and Restorative Yoga. You will learn Pranayama and meditation techniques as well.


This course is open to any teacher who is interested in adding a new skill set to their toolbox.

Dates & Fees

Training Dates:
Coming soon! Stay tune for enrollment updates!

• Early Bird : RM4,499

• Normal Rate : RM4,919

Special Rate:
RM1,000 off for OM Factory 100h Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Graduate


  • Maybank credit card 0% interest 6 months / 12 months
  • Public Bank credit card 0% interest 6 months / 12 months

What you get

International Certification

International achievement certificate authorized by OM Factory US upon fulfilling on all graduation requirements.


FREE Refresher Course & Lifetime Coaching 

  • Need a refresher session to recall what you’ve learn? Come back to have a refresher course at any future intake for the same course you sign up
  • Meet any problem along your instructor path? Come back anytime and talk to us! We’re ready to help!   


Graduate Career Development Support

Worry of not getting a job after graduate?

  • We got you cover by the graduate job referral program. Not just get hired by OM Factory, but also get the opportunities to work in other studio! 
  • Want to travel and explore other country? We can refer you to OM Factory branch worldwide!



Free Apprenticeship


We got you cover by free 16 hours apprenticeship coaching!


What you need to do?

  • Complete 16h of observation, assisting and teaching of OM Factory Lyra classes
  • Submit review report corresponding to each session and receive feedback from mentor

What you get?

  • Get real-world teaching experience
  • Refine your skill and work your way towards a professional instructor 
  • Additional certificate of apprenticeship completion authorized by OM Factory US

Additional Info:

  • Classes conducted are unpaid for the duration of the apprenticeship
  • Participation in apprenticeship does not guarantee employment at OM Factory