“Have faith, put your dream in the Universe and manifest it!”

Faramarz (1950-2023)Founder of Om Factory New York (since 2006)

The Tan sisters, Menico and Nico, had never been particularly active in physical activities until their late twenties when they discovered Hatha Yoga.

However, it wasn't long before they became enamored with the innovative practice of Aerial Yoga in 2015. This newfound passion soon evolved into a fascination with other forms of Aerial Fitness.

Despite their enthusiasm, they encountered a challenge: the limited availability of learning resources for Aerial Fitness within their local community. Undeterred, they embarked on a journey to seek out more structured sources of information, piecing together knowledge from various channels. Their goal? To democratize Aerial Fitness, making it accessible to everyone, not just confined to stage performances.

Life took an unexpected turn in 2017 when they crossed paths with Faramarz, the visionary behind OM Factory School of Yoga New York.

"‘Have faith, put your dreams into the Universe, and manifest them!’ Papa Fara's words echoed in their minds. Inspired, the sisters founded Om Factory Malaysia in 2018, pioneering the first and only one-stop Aerial Fitness Teacher Training center. They offered an array of exhilarating Teacher Training programs and group aerial fitness classes.

Today, Om Factory Malaysia stands as a united family, joining forces with sister studios worldwide. Together, they share their passion and inspiration throughout life's journey.

Welcome hOMe. Discover your new sanctuary with us!

Meet The Family

Our exceptional teachers are the heart & soul of our community. Coming from diverse backgrounds, gather together with a purpose, to help you to discover YOU! They are deeply devoted to their ongoing studies, and love nothing more than sharing their knowledge with our students.


Master Trainer

Menico, hailing from Malaysia, is a passionate and dedicated yoga teacher with 12 years of teaching experience. Since her introduction to aerial yoga in 2015, she embarked on a new teaching journey, focusing on exploring various forms of aerial arts and fitness, including aerial silk, aerial hoop, aerial hammock, aerial bungee, and aerial pole.

She places great emphasis on safety practices and teaching methods, simplifying the complexity of aerial arts and incorporating meticulousness into simplicity. Her teaching style is concise and easy to understand. Encouraging students to apply their knowledge in practical ways, she helps them build confidence and enhance their abilities. She firmly believes that a stable foundation is the key to unlocking limitless possibilities.

In 2018, Menico became a co-founder of Om Factory Malaysia, where, alongside teams from the United States, Taiwan, and Vietnam, they created a warm home - hOMe. Within this nurturing environment, they established a comprehensive system of yoga and aerial arts, spreading their love for these disciplines to various parts of the world.

In 2020, Menico became a teacher training mentor, collaborating with esteemed mentor teams from different countries to develop more aerial arts courses. She has led over 50 training programs in Malaysia and Vietnam, nurturing more than 400 graduates. Her expertise and unique teaching methods earned her recognition as one of Malaysia's most influential educators in 2022.

Now, Menico continuing to share her passion and experience, hoping to inspire and guide aerial enthusiasts all over the world. Loved by students for her warm and approachable teaching style, she will lead everyone on a journey of exploration and growth in the world of aerial.


Senior Trainer

Nico, the co-founder of OM Factory Malaysia, is a dynamic individual with a passion for yoga and fitness. After earning her Master of Economics degree from the University Putra Malaysia, she embarked on a career in marketing. However, seeking respite from the demands of corporate life, Nico discovered yoga and it quickly became her sanctuary.

In 2013, Nico took a leap of faith by completing her Hatha Yoga Certification at Mayi Yoga Academy in Malaysia. This transformative experience led her to make a courageous decision in 2014 – leaving behind her 9-to-5 job to fully immerse herself in the world of yoga and fitness.

Driven by her unwavering dedication, Nico pursued advanced training in Aerial Yoga with Unnata Canada. She honed her expertise in Aerial Yoga, becoming certified in both Advanced Aerial Yoga and Aerial Bungee through Om Factory. Additionally, she expanded her skill set by obtaining her ACE certification as a Personal Trainer, further enhancing her ability to guide and inspire others in their fitness journey.

Nico is now one of the lead teachers in the renowned Om Factory Teacher Training program, where she specializes in anatomy. Through her teachings, she aims to empower individuals to discover their inner strength and embrace a holistic approach to wellness.


Senior Trainer

Jesynn discovered her passion for aerial arts at 18 and never looked back. The moment she tried her first aerial class, she was hooked. Floating in the hammock, she felt empowered both physically and mentally, effortlessly mastering complex movements. Over the years, Jesynn became certified in Aerial Yoga, Aerial Lyra, Advanced Aerial Yoga, Aerial Silk, and Aerial Bungee with Om Factory.

Driven by her fearless spirit, Jesynn also excelled in competitions, reaching the finals as a professional hammock artist in Airstars and Philipines in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In 2020 and 2021, she claimed the title of Malaysia Aerial Professional Hammock Champion online.

Jesynn's dedication and outstanding performance led to her becoming a teacher training mentor at Om Factory in 2022. In 2023, she led the international training program in Vietnam, sharing her expertise with aerial enthusiasts from different parts of the world.

Jesynn's story is a testament to the power of pursuing one's passion and embracing new challenges. With her determination, she continues to elevate the world of aerial arts and inspire others to discover their own strengths in this captivating art form.


Senior Trainer

Carin's journey in the world of movement began with classical ballet at the Royal Academy during her childhood. With over 15 years of dedication to ballet, she developed a solid foundation in dance and performance. After obtaining her Diploma in Drama & Visuals, Carin decided to pursue a career in stage theatre.

To cope with physical and mental tension, Carin turned to aerial yoga, seeking solace and tranquility. As she immersed herself in her yoga practice, she discovered a profound sense of calm. This realization led her to complete her Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, choosing to embrace the hammock rather than the stage.

Since graduating from Om Factory, Carin has been teaching aerial yoga full-time. Her teaching style is infused with mindfulness. In 2022, she took on the role of an assistant teacher training mentor and led teacher training programs in Malaysia and Vietnam. She imparts her knowledge and passion to aspiring instructors. Carin finds great joy in witnessing her students rediscover self-awareness and regain a sense of balance and happiness through their practice on the hammock. The lessons that yoga teaches about life resonate deeply with her, and she cherishes the transformative impact it can have on individuals.

Carin's journey is a testament to the power of finding solace and balance through movement and self-discovery. Her dedication to teaching and sharing the joy of aerial yoga continues to inspire and uplift those who cross her path.



Yean Shin