“Have faith, put your dream in the Universe and manifest it!”

FaramarzFounder of Om Factory New York

AileeCrystal and Nicoletins have never been active with any physical activities until they started to practice Hatha Yoga in their age of late 20s. Soon they fell in love with the new hybrids Aerial Yoga in 2015 and their obsession with Aerial Yoga soon developed to their curiosity on other Aerial Arts.

After some hit and miss, they realized that the learning sources of Aerial Arts in local community is very limited. They continued to explore for more systematized sources, collecting pieces of information here and there with the intention to bring Aerial Arts accessible to everyone, not just limit to the stage performance.

Life is crazy, unexpected and endlessly fascinating. In 2017, they met Faramarz, the man behind OM Factory School of Flight.

“Have faith, put your dream in the Universe and manifest it!”, Papa Fara said. Thereafter the sisters founded Om Factory Malaysia in 2018, an one stop Aerial Arts circus playground providing regular class for all levels as well as exciting Teacher Training Programs.
Om Factory Malaysia now strive together as a family with all sister studios around the world, sharing the loves and inspirations along the life journey.

Welcome hOMe, find your new hOMe with us!

Meet The Family

Our exceptional teachers are the heart & soul of our community. Coming from diverse backgrounds, gather together with a purpose, to help you to discover YOU! They are deeply devoted to their ongoing studies, and love nothing more than sharing their knowledge with our students.






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Lyra Instructor


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